Complex and Time Consuming

The traditional procurement process is complex and relies on numerous manual antiqued processes are not only time-consuming, but also prone to human error. This leads to inefficiencies, delays, and increased costs. This can all hinder a business’ ability to be adaptable and responsive in a rapidly changing business landscape.

We are Swift Sourcing Solutions and through our years of experience, we are building a better strategic digitized procurement process system.

Unlocking Efficiency

Procurement is an essential part of any business. This is more than just buying just buying goods. It is a multi-step internal process that requires the attention of many people all working together. The current approach is highly manual, fragmented, and highly inefficient. This lack of integration makes what should be a straightforward process into a long and painful process.

Our AI based source to settle software organizes a poorly managed procurement process, minimizing inefficiencies and unnecessary delays. By digitizing and streamlining the procurement process, we create reliable and structured data to build and match vendors, suppliers, and buyers to the specific procurement.

We use multiple predefined logic categories to find incoming procurement requests and alert our clients of projects that they should submit a proposal for. When the process is complete, we provide our client with a complete procurement package that they can submit when ready.


Gaylord Villanueva

Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Villanueva has over two decades of experience in all aspects of the procurement process. His vast experience in procurement is vital in evaluating and negotiating with suppliers on costing and delivery times, as well as assessing the quality of items purchased and delivered. His attention to detail is necessary in monitoring potential projects and reviewing and negotiating supplier vendor agreements. Gaylord holds a Bachelor of Science majoring in Computer Science.

Alicia Tacud (dela Cruz)

Chief Operating Officer

Mrs. dela Cruz has four decades of entrepreneurial experience. She launched numerous successful ventures, and today she is the President and CEO of Aces Marine & Links Industrial Corporation in the Philippines. Mrs. dela Cruz is a strong advocate for the Indigenous Peoples of Oriental Mindoro. Mrs. dela Cruz and her ventures service the needs of the community by constructing classrooms and school libraries.